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What truly makes us unique is our people: our residents, their families and our staff. Below are written accounts from some of our own who help to make Highland a wonderful place to live.

"Everything is so clean and nice and the food is Prime-A meat. I'm really happy here."
Thornton G., Resident

"I'm so thankful my aunt and uncle are in a safe environment and being cared for so well. It's great that my aunt is getting out and meeting new people and participating in all the activities."
Carrie H., Family of resident

"I respect the respect they have for elderly people. The nurses care and this is not just a job."
Mary N., Resident

"I value the fact that they make sure she gets proper care and she is kept clean and her hair is combed and just overall appearance."
Majestic W., Family of resident

"I recommend Highland all the time. I would tell others they have taken very good care of my wife and they treat her very nice."
John V., Family of resident

"It is a very good facility and they treat patients well. If anything happens they hurry up and call the family members and tell them what is wrong."
Veronica W., Resident

"I like the behavioral unit. The place looks clean. They have kept him safe."
Sharon C., Family of resident

"She had been in five other nursing homes and they couldn't deal with her condition. They were extremely friendly and helpful. They always helped me get things sorted out. At every other facility she was in, they had her sitting around but at Highland she was doing stuff. They got her to start speaking again, when she didn't think she could. That was really special for me."
John W., Family of resident

"The residents are like family and the staff is exemplary being faced with such a wide range of challenges. Our administrator is very sincere and wears many hats, but is never too busy to listen to us."
Patricia B., Resident

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